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Patti Gwynne

Hello and welcome to Coaching Partners.

My name is Patti Gwynne and I am an internationally trained and experienced leadership coach and mentor. I have had the good fortune to work with well over 500 professionals, executives, business owners and emerging leaders in the last twelve years. My clients form part of a global community of leaders from diverse industries and a vast range of countries including Asia, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand. I come from a health, business and leadership background and bring many coaching tools and experiences gathered along the way, to my coaching partnerships.

Why do my clients partner with me?

The reasons why clients come to coaching are many and varied. Most are moving from being well recognised Good leaders to knowing they are capable of being GREAT Leaders! To transition beyond capability as a transactional leader to a Transformational Leader, they must be able to be vulnerable. Vulnerability, is the well spring of creativity, wisdom and innovation. My clients are looking to source their own creativity, wisdom and innovation as Leaders.

How do my clients discover their creative and innovative leadership style?

  1. Feeling emotionally safe
  2. Doing the work…
  3. Sourcing their own wisdom
  4. Reflecting and celebrating their greatness
  5. Mindfulness practice
  6. Firm boundaries
  7. Rule No 6!

What do my clients say about their coaching experience?

“The coaching sessions have been for me the most significant valuable part of the leadership programme and the credit sits with you Patti. I have not had the privilege of meeting you in person but I feel I have known you for a long time. In all the calls you have made me feel of such importance and worthiness that I have left each call inspired to be even better. My EI has improved significantly and you have contributed to this with your wonderful questions which I embraced and constantly challenged myself to view things from another perspective. You are a wonderful coach who is empathetic, warm, natural and inspiring. I can only hope and aspire to touch people around me like you have me.”
– Senior Partner, Global Accountancy firm

“Great coaching conversations around particular work relationships and strategies for managing difficult situations and complex people where sometimes the discovery was there was no magic answer but we explored the complexity and what role might be the most useful for me to play in that situation. Felt Patti was very engaged in the conversations with a genuine interest in me and what was going on for me. This 100% focus and dedicated time was really useful to ‘explore’ issues safely in a way I can’t do with the team or board members.”
– CEO, Not for Profit

“The coaching has enabled me to gain perspective on my role, how I manage my expectations of myself and balance these with the reasonable needs of the organisation. I am mindful of my “wise woman” and how ego can undermine and derail that wise woman at times!”
– HR Manager, Global Transport Company

I am more confident. I have confronted and worked successfully through a range of issues and have benefitted from the discipline of the coaching relationship in persisting to find solutions/resolution, for example in time management, confidence in networking, some team management situations/issues, building visibility and positioning for new roles (eg Board or other more strategic roles). I am more intentional and reflective. I have affirmed my values.”
– Director, International Engineering

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