4 Tips To Downplay Drama And Foster Productivity

I feel so inspired when I read articles like this! It could almost (I said almost!) inspire me to employ staff again!

Concepts in the workplace that encourage and motivate collaboration and celebration have to be winners.  When I did employ staff, my objective at the interview was to a certain whether the candidates parents/significant others did a good job in raising them!  I wanted to know if they would fit into the culture of the company and whether we would enjoy working with them.  We could teach them the rest!

Do you have a ‘fun committee’? How important do you rate staff titles – would you be happy for your staff to create each others titles? How do you handle petty comments made by staff about their colleagues? There are some challenging concepts in this article that could influence your thinking and change your perspective around possibilities in the workplace.

Combat Cattiness: 4 Tips To Downplay Drama And Foster Productivity – ForbesBy Kelsey Meyer Flickr Photo by kylemac Drama in the workplace is extremely counterproductive. I've heard horror stories about coworkers instigating drama and bitterness in organizations. If coworkers are more focused on the latest gossip, putting down their colleagues in order to look better, or sabotaging each other so much that it […]

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