Leading in a time of loss

If you are in a leadership role, or subscribe to the principles of leadership, you will at some stage have to lead through a loss.  Whether it is leading through change in a business structure, the loss of staff members, personal loss or just loss of familiarity with an ever changing economy, the impact on the people you lead will be huge. This … [Read more...]

Should you bring your emotions to work?

Should you bring your emotions to work? I think it was Anita Roddick of the Body shop, who said "You think you are employing staff, and then the whole person turns up"!  Steve Tobark, in this article details his own human response to personal issues and how this impacts on relationships in the workplace. He makes some great points here as he … [Read more...]

Are you a potential leader for our times?

Leadership is such a trendy buzz word these days. How do we define exactly what leadership is in an ever constant changing world? The impact of the different generations on leadership and new ways of 'being' create an exciting and dynamic generation of leadership. Penelope Trunk addresses the question around leadership potential with finesse and … [Read more...]

Discover the top ten reasons why employees quit

I have always been an advocate of Exit Interviews for employees. Do you check employees OUT when they leave to discover possibilities for those who stay? Exit interviews show top 10 reasons why employees quitAsk employers why people quit a company and 9 out of 10 will tell you it's about the money. Ask employees the same question and … [Read more...]

Three tips for any executive leader to be strategic

Involving more senior leaders in strategic dialogue makes it easier to stay ahead of emerging opportunities, respond quickly to unexpected threats, and make timely decisions. Becoming more strategic: Three tips for any executive - McKinsey Quarterly - Strategy - Strategy in PracticeWe are entering the age of the strategist. As our colleagues … [Read more...]

Using LinkedIn to benefit your company

This is a great article to read as a reminder of why LinkedIn is a MUST for all professionals... read more   Why and How LinkedIn Can Bring More Than Just Top Talent To Your CompanyLinkedIn is one of the social media sites that may be as misunderstood as Twitter. CEOs and key executives constantly ask me why they should be using either … [Read more...]

More leadership and less excuses for all generations

Younger workers are more mobile and less willing to work for a weak leader. We need much less excusing and accusing and much more leadership – for all generations.... read more   Leadership, Not Generational Differences is the Real Issue - The Practical LeaderSo far this year my blog posts with the biggest reader response concerns the … [Read more...]

Leadership and The Imposter Syndrome

One of the recurring themes for many of my new clients is a sense that as they get promoted they become closer and closer to being discovered as a ‘fraud’!  Anytime now, the organisation will discover that I am not capable of taking on this responsibility and that I am just a ‘Leadership fraud”.  Does it ring a bell?  I have experienced it myself.  … [Read more...]

Coaching in New Zealand – a snapshot!

New Zealand is a small country with a big heart but a relatively small and unclear voice on coaching. It is hard to determine when coaching started in New Zealand, however we believe it was around the mid 1990s and was influenced by the growth of coaching in the Australia and usa. The New Zealand business landscape is quite varied and while … [Read more...]

Baby Boomer Nostalgia – Real Books you can Smell, Feel and Dust!

Last week I found the most wonderful bookshop Hard to Find Books in Onehunga, Auckland.  For many of us Baby Boomers, the smell, feel and dust on our old books is just as much a part of the experience as the reading itself.  I am fortunate that my step-daughter also loves books and as she now works in this wonderful shop, I intend to spend lots of … [Read more...]

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