Top Leadership articles for April

April is the first month of the new financial year for many of us, so it feels like a time for reflection on the previous year and some forward thinking  to the year ahead.  My focus has been around Leadership, this month, with some great articles to inspire a focus forward.

Leadership isn’t rocket science
By Kate Mercer on Leadership Lab

The secret to success is keeping it simple.

The most powerful leadership equation ever
By Mark Miller on Great Leaders Serve

Leaders are generally paid to be effective. Right? So, how do you make sure the quality ideas gain acceptance amongst those in your team, while remaining results-focused?

This blog post looks at the winning formula to do just that and how shifting the balance is often key.

10 communication secrets of great leaders
By Mike Myatt on Forbes

A great leader is first and foremost, a great communicator.

So what exactly does that mean? Eloquent speech and a commanding presence in front of an audience? Mike Myatt would say otherwise.

The biggest mistake you (probably) make with teams

By Tammy Erickson on HBR

This blog post looks at how to shift people’s perspectives on what they’re working towards and in the process super-charge team success.

6 traits of great leaders
By Damian Bazadona on SG Hard Truth

Common traits of powerful leaders include inspiration, positivity and understanding the power of two little words – ‘thank you’.

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