You Don’t Need More Time, You Need to Focus

One of the single most influential reasons why we don’t get as much done in a day is that we are slaves to distraction!  Emails, phone calls , texts, tweets, Facebook notifications and so the list goes on.  Tim Sanders discusses the need to have uninterrupted time in your day in order to get things done.  This is a technique that we all need to embrace and for me it is not just about turning off emails or cellphones but more importantly, it is to communicate our need to not be interrupted to others!  When we create boundaries we need to declare them as well so others will support our intentions!  Open door policy is a great concept but it need only apply when the door is open!!  We don’t need to be available every minute of the day to be an accessible leader.  Put some structure around your availability and communicate the boundaries!  So much more enjoyable!

Sanders Says – You Don't Need More Time, You Need Uninterrupted FocusYou Don't Need More Time, You Need Uninterrupted Focus Twenty years ago, likely, you were desperate for more time. Managing it was the key to success. Time was the scarce resource of the uber successful and the harried executive. Today, we have more time than ever, aided by myriad tools and software solutions.

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